M.D Radiology Admission

How to get MD RADIOLOGY ADMISSION ? MD Radiodiagnosis or  MD-Radiology which is as known as  Doctor of Medicine in Radiology is a 3-year clinical specialty postgraduate medical course. Doctor of Medicine in Radiodiagnosis is a medical study in which a Radiologist uses medical imaging techniques like ultrasound, X-RAY radiation, nuclear medicine, and medical resonance imaging, etc to diagnose and treat diseases within the body. MD Radiology program aim is to provide training in modern and conventional radiology and imaging techniques so that the postgraduate aspirants become well experienced and competent to teach, practice and conduct research in the discipline of radiology. During the program, the student has to gain basic knowledge of the divers sub-specialties of radiology. The objective of the program is to train a student to become an experienced and competent radiologist to perform and interpret various interventional imaging studies. At the end of the course, the student would have sufficient knowledge of the cognitive domain, affective domain i.e professionalism and psychomotor domain i.e Skills ( procedural skills, and Interpretation skills, etc).MD Radiology course is available in many governments and private medical colleges in India. After completion of MBBS, the students compete in a national level exam NEET-PG which is conducted by National Board of Education (NBE) followed by NEET-PG counseling to get entry into this course. It is one of the top-most medical specializations in India, due to a high career growth most of the NEET qualified aspirants dream to get admission in MD Radiology, but getting admission in this course is not that easy due to its high demand the NEET-PG cutoff for MD Radiodiagnosis is generally very high, To get admission in MD Radiology the aspirants need to crack NEET-PG with a good percentile.

There is a wide range of career opportunities for the MD Radiologist which lies in the field of Medical diagnosis research, military hospitals, Clinical practices in the hospitals and teaching in government and private medical universities/institutions. A career in Radio Diagnosis is one of the most useful areas in the field of healthcare. A Radiologist can set-up his/her Radio diagnosis Centre where they can have a very good income compared to other medical specializations.


Doctor of Medicine in Radiology is a 3 year Post Graduate medical specialization Course which includes clinical and theoretical studies.


Applicant must have permanent or provisional MCI registration after MBBS degree along with a 1-year rotational internship, however, a student who is continuing with the internship can also participate in NEET-PG but the internship should be completed before the commencement of the academic year.


The applicant has to appear for the NEET PG Medical exam which is conducted by NBE every year. To get admission in MD Radiology the student/aspirants have to qualify NEET-PG with required cutoff percentile in individual category i.e. for general 50th percentile and 40th percentile for SC, ST and OBC  followed by PG Medical counseling by MCC and State DME’s. Since this course is one of the top Medical specialty course it has very high demand from medical aspirants, NEET-PG cutoff for MD Radiology is very high for government medical colleges and topmost private medical colleges. MD Radiology seats in medical colleges in INDIA are available under various quota like All India Quota seats, Management quota seats, Institutional quota seats, and NRI quota seats, etc. which students can opt during NEET-PG Counselling.


There are a total of 119 Government Colleges in India that offers the MD Radiology course, the Post-Graduation MD Radiology seats in government colleges are approximately 782 in different states of the country out which there are 31 MD Radiology seats in government medical college of Karnataka.


There are total 141 Private Medical Colleges in India which offers the MD Radio diagnosis course, the private medical colleges have a total of 773 Post Graduation MD Radio diagnosis seats in different states of the country out of which 181 MD Radiology seats are in private medical college of Karnataka. Private medical colleges in Karnataka have the maximum number of MD Radio diagnosis.


The monthly salary of MD Radiologist is minimum 5 lakhs rupees depending upon their experience in the industry. Some Radiologist earns even more by running there own diagnosis centers. Since opening a Radio diagnosis centers requires heavy investment one who establishes it earn well.


MD Radiology is a 3 years clinical specialty post-graduation course, a candidate can take MD Radiology as a career only if he/she has finished MBBS degree & rotating internship which is mandatory for M.D. in Radiologist course in any MCI recognized medical college in India and Abroad. A Radiologist has ample of scopes. Government hospitals and Private organizations are their main areas to work, Radiologist with years of experience are usually chosen to appoint as directors and HOD of private and government medical institutions and hospitals

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